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BSS News16. 5. 2020

Bernard’s Summer School 2020 is cancelled

Dear friends, potential BSS2020 participants, we carefully monitor the progress of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic and on the European continent for some time already. In mid-March, we assumed that within five months (if not earlier) the situation in the world and especially in Europe would improve and we would prepare our summer school according… more

BSS News10. 4. 2020

BSS 2020 – important notices for future participants

Although the situation is complicated, we have opened the applications for BSS 2020. We do not want to hinder those who are interested in the lessons offered and who want to reserve time for the summer school. We do not want to catch up at the last minute if the situation develops so that the… more

BSS News1. 7. 2019

BSS 2019 – some classes are full

We are delighted with the high interest in the intermediate/open Irish dance class with Lewis Childs and also fiddle class with Ultan O’Brien. Nevertheless capacity of hall and class room is limited and we must put on hold registrations for these two classes. Those who plan to register yet will be put on a “waiting… more

BSS News12. 3. 2018

Bernard’s Summer School 2018 – News

We have all BSS 2018 tutors confirmed. This year you will meet some new faces among our tutors – fiddle class will be led by Ultan O’Brien from County Clare (IRL), Robert Harvey (IRL), who was very popular among lilting students last year, will expand his tuition also to Irish flute classes. Guitarists might be… more

Aktuality BSS20. 10. 2017

BSS 2017 ve vašich ohlednutích

Jako každý rok, tak i letos jsme se snažili získat nějaké pohledy, názory, připomínky a návrhy na proběhlou letní školu. Požádali jsme každého účastníka formou emailu o pár vět, kterými vyjádří svůj názor na akci, kterou jsme letos organizovali již posedmnácté. Již dlouho se držíme při organizaci našich akcí hesla „Pochvala potěší ale z kritiky se… more

BSS News9. 5. 2017

Where the Celts come from and have lived for 3,000 years

The Celts were a group of tribal societies tied by similar language, religion and culture in Iron Age and Medieval Europe. Celtic culture began to develop as early as 1200 BC and spread through migration to the British Isles, France and other parts of Europe. “Celtic” refers to people descended from one of the current… more

BSS News2. 5. 2017

John Cullinane will come to BSS 2017

The magic number seven at the end of the number line representing this year marks an anniversary relating to Irish dancing in the Czech Republic, or in Czechoslovakia. We as the organisers of the Summer School have decided to commemorate this anniversary, not only on our website. In the course of the Summer School and… more

BSS News24. 3. 2017

Bernard’s Summer School 2017 – information will come soon

We know you are all awaiting information regarding this year summer school. We are working hard on putting it together for last months and cannot wait to share it with you soon. This year is going to be little different to previous years as there are several milestones to highlight in regard to Irish dance… more

BSS News21. 4. 2016

BSS2016 – programme has been published, registration system is open now

After the 1st of June deadline, we will immediately work on timetable. We will do our best to reflect on your registration forms and to accommodate everyone, especially those who register to more than one lesson per week. We may also update time of the supporting events after the 1st of June. And finally, I… more

BSS News22. 9. 2015

The DVD from the BSS Final evening 2015 can be ordered now

The cost is, as usual, CZK 200,- /€8 plus CZK 20 packing + shipping.

BSS News11. 8. 2015

BSS 2015 – Events

BSS News27. 7. 2015

Pilates in BSS 2015

 TUTOR Hana Kalousková Graduated in 2004 from Dance Center Prague o.p.s. – conservatoire, where she studied from 1996 – 2004. In 2011 she graduated from Academy of performing arts in Prague with a Master’s degree in arts. In the academic year 2008/2009 she attended Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon in France. Currently… more
14th–20th August 2021