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BSS News, News 10. 4. 2020

BSS 2020 – important notices for future participants

Although the situation is complicated, we have opened the applications for BSS 2020. We do not want to hinder those who are interested in the lessons offered and who want to reserve time for the summer school. We do not want to catch up at the last minute if the situation develops so that the summer school can take place. However, we do not want to compromise the principles we build the summer school on. We are ready to cancel the summer school if foreign participants and tutors cannot be transported to the Czech Republic and back or if the cost of transporting the tutors exceeds our calculated possibilities. Therefore, please follow these instructions:

1) Applications can be filled out as of today (April 9).

2) Pay your deposits only after 15 May and make sure they arrive by 31 May.

3) All other terms as described in the guidelines apply.


In return, we will try to monitor the coronavirus situation and on 15 May we will decide whether to pull the brake or go ahead with the summer school. After this date, we can no longer be sure that we would be able to organize the summer school under different rules. We do not want to let anyone wait without the certainty that the event will take place.

Václav Bernard

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