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News19. 4. 2017

Post Famine eviction photographs show how merciless British landlords were

Police use a battering ram to forcibly evict a tenant c. 1888. National Library of Ireland The Irish Land War was an organized campaign of civil unrest in Ireland that lasted from the 1870s until the 1890s. It was called a ‘war,’ and there were violent incidents and deaths during the campaign, but the Land… more

News13. 4. 2017

9 English words you never realized have Irish roots

The English language has Ireland and Irish to thank for these common words. Ireland has given a lot to America and this includes some contributions to the way in which we speak. While those people who aren’t massive fans of the Irish language will always complain that Irish takes too much from English for modern… more

News11. 4. 2017

Three million people in the world are descended from one Irish High King

Millions of Irish Americans, especially those in New York, may be directly descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages, the most prolific warrior in Irish history. A team of geneticists at Trinity College Dublin led by Professor Dan Bradley discovered that as many as 3 million men worldwide may be descendants of the Irish warlord,… more

BSS News24. 3. 2017

Bernard’s Summer School 2017 – information will come soon

We know you are all awaiting information regarding this year summer school. We are working hard on putting it together for last months and cannot wait to share it with you soon. This year is going to be little different to previous years as there are several milestones to highlight in regard to Irish dance… more

News24. 1. 2017

On this day in 1973, Willie Clancy, piper and folklorist, dies

Residents in Miltown Malbay, Clancy’s hometown, felt a need to carry on the musician’s commitment to the music and so established a summer school devoted to the uilleann pipes and other instruments integral to the playing of traditional Irish music. Set to celebrate its 45th year this summer, Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy (the Willie Clancy… more

News10. 1. 2017

The remarkable story of the Galway Claddagh community

The men of the town were fishermen while the women looked after the house and with the sole rights to fish in Galway Bay, the Claddagh fisherman were to thrive in bringing their fresh fish into the markets in Galway. It is believed that by the early 19th century, there were as many as 820… more

News26. 12. 2016

Ancient Irish tradition of hunting the wren on St. Stephen’s Day

Here are one woman’s memories of celebrating the wren on St. Stephen’s Day as a child: We were never ready for them. They always arrived like an invasion from an outside world. After the excitement of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were over we usually felt breathless and disorientated, what with being up late and… more

News10. 12. 2016

Top Irish wit, wisdom and sayings

6. You can always burn that bridge when you come to it. 7. A well-balanced Irishman has a chip on both shoulders. 8. The British never remember but the Irish never forget. 9. Nothing better than warm words on a cold night. 10. A girl is a daughter all her life but a boy is… more

News6. 12. 2016

Subjects of iconic century-old photograph had links to Easter Rising and nationalist organisations

The information enabled his relatives, along with local resident Bill McCarthy, to align several of the dancers with nationalist organisations and active roles in the Easter Rising. Two of them also played in Ireland’s first official camogie match. The photograph was taken by the renowned Horgan brothers of Youghal, pioneers of film and photography at… more

News21. 10. 2016

The surprising Irish history behind Hennessy Cognac

With cruel irony the British tore up the treaty and replaced it with the Penal Laws, which stripped Irish Catholics of their land, persecuting them for their religion, and removed every right of citizenship. On this note of dishonor and betrayal began the saga of The Wild Geese. For the next hundred years the French… more

News5. 6. 2016

The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, was very proud of his Irish roots

Ali’s stance to end the Vietnam War when he refused to be drafted cost us the best years of his sporting life. He came back still a brilliant boxer, but the man who could float like a butterfly could never quite recover that greatness. Still the fights with Joe Frazier the” rope a dope” that… more

News4. 6. 2016

The story behind Ireland’s four provinces

However, when the Normans invaded and occupied Ireland until 1541, the power of Ireland’s great families waned and the historic provinces of Leinster and Meath gradually merged into one. This was mainly due to the introduction of the “Pale,” the part of Ireland that was directly under the control of the English government. The “Pale”… more

Irish – what, where, when?

30AprilBeltine (Music)
Trosky - Semín
festival of celtic music and dance
Program and information
5MayIrish May (Music & Dance)
Prague, Divadlo V Celetné
Program and infromation
10JuneColin Dunne Masterclass (Dance)
Praha, Dance Perfect Studio, Národní 25, Praha 1
We are thrilled to annouced that Colin Dunne is coming to Prague again to teach two dancing levels in both hard shoes and soft shoes and one improvisation class as well.
19AugustBernard’s Summer School 2017 (Music & Dance)
Botičská 8, Praha 2