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News12. 1. 2018

Grace Kelly’s tragic secrets: an abusive mother and anti-semitic father

Irish American actress Grace Kelly had a harsh childhood as revealed in a new book about the 1950s Hollywood star. In “Grace Kelly: Hollywood Dream Girl,” authors Jay Jorgensen and Manoah Bowman claim that Grace grew up with a physically abusive mother and an anti-Semitic father. Grace Kelly was born in 1929 in Philadelphia to… more

News1. 1. 2018

Celebrate the start of 2018 with these Irish New Year’s Eve toasts

Here are some Irish toasts and salutations to raise your glasses to this New Year’s Eve and welcome 2018. 1. May your giving hand never fail you. 2. May we all be alive at this same time next year. 3. May the Lord keep you in the palm of His hand, and never close His… more

News21. 12. 2017

Watch Newgrange’s winter solstice magic light show live

Historic live stream from inside 5,200-year-old passage tomb as winter light floods its world-famous chambers For the first time ever, the light show inside the Stone Age passage tomb, Newgrange, in County Meath, is being streamed live around the world. Built by Stone Age farmers 5,200 years ago, Newgrange, which is in the Boyne Valley,… more

News6. 12. 2017

PF 2018

News23. 11. 2017

How the Irish saved Thanksgiving

The facts of the first Thanksgiving meal may never be known, but some believe it to have been in celebration of a shipment of Irish food.  No one can say for sure exactly when the first Thanksgiving was celebrated, but at least one historian thinks it was invented as a day of Thanksgiving for the generosity of… more

News23. 11. 2017

Irish Thanksgiving blessings, toasts, and sayings for your family and friends

Irish blessings for you and your family this Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving. To celebrate we’ve compiled some of the very best Irish blessings, traditions, toasts, and sayings for you to share with your loved ones this Thanksgiving. We’re sure that you have a lot to be thankful for today and although Ireland may not celebrate this… more

News11. 11. 2017

Ireland by the numbers: The facts and figures you thought you knew

Population, size, average age and other top tidbits about the island of Ireland you never knew. Ireland’s Central Statistics Office (CSO) and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) has released a report titled “Census 2011 Ireland and Northern Ireland” giving comprehensive results from the island for the first time. Here’s a breakdown of… more

News10. 11. 2017

Irish blessings and proverbs to share with your loved ones and Irish blessings and sayings on friendship

Some St. Patrick’s Day blessings to use all year round In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we have compiled some of our favorite St. Patty’s Day sayings, blessings, quotes, toasts and greetings. The origin of these inspiring and sometimes funny St. Patrick’s Day sayings spans from memorable Irish writers to traditional St. Patrick’s Day expressions. So,… more

News8. 11. 2017

Remembering George Bernard Shaw with ten of his wittiest quotes

The only man in the world to have won a Nobel Prize for Literature (“Pygmalion”) and an Oscar (for the screenplay of “Pygmalion”), George Bernard Shaw was a rare wit, journalist, author, and iconic Irishman, born on July 26, in 1856. He died on November 2, 1950, at the age of 94 while he was working on… more

News24. 10. 2017

“The Quiet Man” was “an idiotic, stupid, anti-Irish film,” says actor Malachy McCourt

While commending Irish actress Maureen O’Hara, writer Malachy McCourt has some harsh criticism for “The Quiet Man.”.Writer, actor, activist, and brother of Frank, Malachy McCourt needs no introduction. His talent for turning phrases is as legendary as the man himself.But he did rattle some cages when remarking on the passing of Maureen O’Hara, he noted that “The… more

News18. 10. 2017

Top ten Flann O’Brien quotes

Brian O’Nolan, more often recognized by his pen name Flann O’Brien, was a major figurehead of Irish literature as a novelist, playwright and satirist, widely followed for his bizarre, dark humor and modernist/postmodern metafiction. He was born in Strabane, Co. Tyrone on October 5, 1911, and died April 1, 1996 in Dublin, the city he… more

News17. 10. 2017

For Columbus Day – the story of an Irishman who discovered America

Who was this mysterious Galway man who sailed with Columbus on his first voyage to the west in 1492? In a box in the archives of the National University of Ireland Galway, there is a bundle of yellowed letters, dating from 1935 to 1936, about a mysterious Galway man who sailed with Columbus on his… more
18th–24th August 2018

Irish – what, where, when?

9Februar16th Erlangen Irish Set Dance Weekend (Dance)
Redoutensaal, Erlangen, Germany
Friday 9 February - CeiliSaturday 10 February - 2 Workshops, Carbival Ceili (The Roaring 20's¨Sunday 11 February - Workshop, ceili, Night in the Brewery
16MarchSt Patrick’s Weekend (Dance)
Rotherwick Village Hall, England
St Patrick's Weekend with Swallow's Tail Ceili Band, Saturday's workshop with Kevin and Carol, Sunday's Workshop Jo & Simon Harmer
27AprilPrague Set Dance Weekend (Dance)
Prague, Emauzy Abbey
18MayWorkshop Zürichsee (Music)
Lake Zurich, Youth Hostel Richterswill