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About us

Tereza Bernardová

Dance is her life. She used to do jazz dancing and standard tap dancing before taking up Irish dancing. She is devoted to Irish dancing since 1998, with a year‘s break also the artistic leader of the group in 2001 – 2005. Apart from various feiseanna on the Continent she also participated in British and Irish feiseanna, the World Irish Dancing Championship (2005,2009), Great Britain Championship (2006) and All Ireland (2007,2009). She worked on her dancing under the instruction of Anne-Marie Cunningham TCRG, Leora Barrett TCRG, Mary Sweeney TCRG, Sean Kilkenny TCRG, Stephen Scariff and others. During her stays at Willie Clancy Summer School in Milltown Malbay (2001, 2002, 2003, 2008), Ireland, she took lessons of old style dancing and sean-nós dancing from Margaret Wray and Mick Mulkerrin and Mairead Casey, and attended ‘Steps and Rhythm of Clare sets’ class held by Aidan Vaughan and Betty McCoy For 2 years (2003-04, 2006-07) during her stay in London, she attended classes of Lisa Delaney ADCRG. She currently lives in Ireland where she studies under ex-Riverdance performer Gemma Carney ADCRG, Mary McDonagh and Deirdre Gallagher in the Hession School. Free evenings she spends at set dancing events in pubs in Galway. She also occasionally teaches in Germany. In the past she used to give regular dance classes in Prague and in Roth by Nürnberg, additionally led dance workshops in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. During her dancing activity at Delaney Academy, Rinceoirí and Hession school she has performed at various events in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, France, England and Ireland. For further information you can visit her personal website, where she dwell on Irish dancing subject more in detail.

Markéta Utišilová (born Bernardová)

She devotes to Irish dancing since 1997. She was at the foundation of the oldest Czech Irish dancing group Rinceoirí, where she was member for long 11 years. Besides dancing in Rinceoirí, she was in charge of club photo album, same as its activity documentation. She also expressed herself there in artwork (calendars, costume design, some PFs and Summer school logos). She also danced with Kaskáda and Coiscém dancing groups. She worked on her dancing under the instruction of those Irish dance capacities such as Mary Sweeney TCRG, Sean Kilkenny TCRG, Cathrine Gallagher, Anne-Marie Cunningham TCRG, Lisa Delaney-Galal ADCRG, Corrine Delaney, Stephen Scariff or Tereza Bachová and others. During her stays at Willie Clancy Summer School (2001, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010) in Milltown Malbay, Ireland, she took lessons of set dancing and sean-nós dancing from Paddy Neylon, Mary Clancy, Geraldine Connolly and Mick Mulkerrin and Mairéad Casey. With Rinceoirí she has performed at innumerable number of various events, both at home and abroad. Several times she participated at feisanna in Continent and always won nice places. She often assists to her father with teaching set dancing and ceilí dancing at different workshops and dancing events. Her interest in all Irish is not limited only to dancing. Occasionally she performed as a guest on concerts of Shannon Band, with who she recorded 4 songs on their second album Sláinte.

Lenka Bernardová

Graduate from FTVS, long-term athlete, High school teacher of physical education and geography and for us others in our family especially perfect background, which enable us to realize in our „Irish“ activities. Whole her life she dedicated to health aspects of kinetic activities. This interest brought her to so-called Priessnitz Walking, which connects together precedence of correct walking technique with special sticks leaded with breathing exercises, and controlled cooling of organism in spirit of knowledge of Czech doctor and founder of Spa in Jeseníky, Mr.Priessnitz. As an instructor, she organises training courses in this activity, which exceeds health framework, but with her work it obtaining the social aspect for people without age difference. At the same time she is member of The Prague Irish Set Dancers.

Václav Bernard

Belongs to those, who has learnt their Irish dancing here from Kate Wood. In meaningful way he shared on the foundation of Rinceoirí and he had a huge influence on the life of this club, its activities, structure, promotion and finance stability for more then 10 years. From the Rinceoirí beginning he published monthly magazine Rinceoirí and took care of the Rinceoirí website summary. More then to dancing he devoted himself to leading and creating dancing events. It was his idea to start summer schools of Irish dancing with all covering news. Most of foreign teachers arrived to the Czech Republic to his invitation. Together with his daughter Tereza co-founded Rinceoirí Irish Dance Academy as an educational part of Rinceoirí for the widest publicity. He represents Antonio Pacelli company in the Czech Republic. As a member of Caledonien Club from its beginning he danced Scottish country dancing. Occasionally he teaches country dances, Scottish dances, Irish ceilí dancing and Irish set dancing.

14th–20th August 2021