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News22. 3. 2020

The amazing origins of “Whiskey in the Jar” one of the best-loved Irish ballads

From the Fighting 69th fighting for Uncle Sam to Phil Lynott and Metallica, the story behind one of Ireland’s best-known ballads remains untold. “Whiskey in the Jar,”  a song about a notorious Irish highwayman Patrick Fleming who was hanged in 1650, has become Ireland’s oldest most beloved song a true rebel air that stirs the… more

News20. 3. 2020

CLRG announces new date for World Irish Dance Championships

CLRG’s Worlds competition has been rescheduled for next year. An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha (CLRG) has announced in a statement that its World Irish Dance Championships have been pushed into 2021 after a suitable date could not be found for the rest of 2020. CLRG, the largest and oldest competitive Irish dance organization in the… more

News17. 3. 2020

Irish blessings, proverbs, and toasts to share on St. Patrick’s Day

Fun and memorable Irish blessings to use all year round, but especially on March 17! In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we have compiled some of our favorite St. Paddy’s Day sayings, blessings, quotes, toasts, and greetings. The origin of these inspiring and sometimes funny St. Patrick’s Day sayings spans from memorable Irish writers to traditional St. Patrick’s… more

News13. 3. 2020

Irish fiddle master Séamus Connolly to receive Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2020 Gradam Ceoil

“Music became my whole life” –  Séamus Connolly to be bestowed with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Gradam Ceoil 2020, in Belfast. Séamus Connolly will be among the stars honored at the acclaimed traditional Irish music award ceremony, Gradam Ceoil, in Belfast, on Sun, Feb 23 . The Gradam Ceoil, will welcome an array of… more

News12. 3. 2020

St. Patrick’s real name was actually Maewyn Succat

As we all prepare to don our green clothes and honor Ireland’s Patron Saint, St. Patrick, on March 17, it’s worth noting that his name was Maewyn Succat and he was born in Scotland… or was it Wales. We all think we know the true story of St. Patrick, the most famous patron saint in the world,… more

News9. 3. 2020

Facts you should know about Guinness before St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, which means people all around the world will be indulging in a celebratory pint of plain! When you walk into a bar in Ireland you could shout across at the barman and ask for a pint of plain, the good stuff, or your best. You could even just walk… more

News14. 2. 2020

Horrific tale of a Mayo village’s death during the Great Famine

A heartbreaking Irish famine story of death and despair. A group of 600 Irish starving during the Great Hunger set out to Doolough to find food. Most of did not survive. Our guide has told the same story perhaps a thousand times yet still it brought a lump to her throat. “People around here recall… more

News9. 2. 2020

WATCH: This family of Irish trad musicians will blow you away

Irish trad family The Maguires “blend youthful energy and musical maturity” The Maguires, a four-piece family band from Co Wicklow made up of Emma Maguire (fiddle, flute, concertina, piano), Aoife Maguire (concertina, uilleann pipes), Seán Maguire (bodhrán) and Philip Maguire (guitar), have been on the go for more than three years now impressing audiences with… more

News1. 2. 2020

Riverdance announces 25th-anniversary global tour

The Irish dance show that started it all is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Riverdance, which launched Irish dancing into the mainstream in 1994, is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a new worldwide tour next year. While Riverdance originated as an interval act starring Michael Flatley and Jean Butler during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, it premiered as a full-length… more

News1. 2. 2020

The Chieftains embark on an Irish Goodbye tour through the US

The Chieftains are bringing their music on tour to the US in 2020 with The Irish Goodbye Tour. What is an Irish Goodbye, you may ask? states that an Irish Goodbye is sneaking out of a party without telling anyone. But some people disagree. They say that an Irish person can’t be the last… more

News25. 1. 2020

Willie Clancy, piper and folklorist, dies on January 24, 1973

On January 24, 1973, famed piper and folklorist Willie Clancy passed away, leaving a gaping hole in the world of Irish traditional music. Born in Co. Clare in 1918, Willie Clancy first picked up a tin whistle aged five, later moving onto the traditional flute and to the uilleann pipes, the instrument on which he… more

Irský film19. 1. 2020

Song of Granite

Svým způsobem jedinečný film režiséra Pata Collinse je potrétem irského zpěváka Joea Heaneyho, který se proslavil pěveckým stylem nazývaným sean nós singing, tedy tradičním irským zpěvem bez doprovodu. Joe Heaney se narodil v roce 1919 a dětství prožil v Carně.  Se zpěvem začal v pěti letech a většinu písní, kterých měl v repertoáru asi 500,… more
14th–20th August 2021