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BSS News 17. 12. 2008

The 9th Summer School of Irish dancing – A Word By the Organisers

With regard to this, the title … school of Irish dancing… is becoming a bit outlived and with regard to further extension of activities we plan its modification. Since Rinceoirí Irish Dancing Club is no longer the organizer but it is myself with family members and other contributors, we also count on changing the name of the event in the future and will call it Bernards Summer School, this title won’t be translated. The year 2009 will count as a transition year and that is why the logo will be a combination of the current and the new titles. The main source of information will be the Bernards website (, where the part about the Summer School will be in both Czech and English versions.

Thank you for your understanding.

Václav Bernard with family and contributors

Václav Bernard

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